“Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are.” -Gretel Ehrlich

Upon arriving Lenox Massachussetts all the energy in my soul shifted into peace. Time slowed down despite the work I still had to do on the trip.

The beauty consumed me.

Truly realizing in that moment the cost of living in the city. The noise, lights, pollution, busyness, and chaos.

Healing and grounding while hiking through the magnificent forests and mountains, around the quiet streams, with the sounds of running water gentle in the distance. Breathing seemed easier, my steps never protested while treading uphill for the joy of the scenery surrounding me.

Finding elf doors and houses in the trees. Imagining fairytales and seeing the forest through the eyes of a child.

The mind was unable to worry, it was present, clear and inspired. I could have gone on forever if the sun would never set.

Leaving the magical forest left a growing desire each time to see and experience more of this incredible world we live in. There’s a lot of ugly, pain, darkness, sadness, and tragedy in our lives and we can choose to let it destroy us or we can choose to find places that take our breath away, that leaves us with clarity, peace and a little more healed each time.

Now being back in Oklahoma I am able to remember peace in the midst of day to day challenges.

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Reflection: When was the last time you visited somewhere that brought you complete peace? What do you remember about it? We’re you able to remain present and with a clear mind? Take yourself back-What we’re you seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling and thinking? Are you able to take yourself back to that moment and feel it again? What’s next?! Are you being intentional about going back or seeing new places you have been wanting to see? Have you written down a place and a date?

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